Aquarius Love Traits

The Aquarius love traits of being exciting, unpredictable, and fascinating are appealing to the ideal Aquarius love match. The typical Aquarius in love has usually found a very deep friendship first and foremost.

One of the most unique Aquarius character traits is their deep need for true friendships. This trait also reveals itself in the love life of Aquarius people as well. More than anything else, the Aquarius lover needs to know that their partner is their very best friend in life.

Therefore, Aquarius relationships are often quite successful because Aquarius people make sure that they have a lot of common interests in life as well.

The Aquarius astrology sign is incredibly open-minded and tends to think and do thinks quite differently than mainstream society. Therefore the ideal Aquarius love match should be just as open-minded and truly appreciate their partner because they are quite often very intelligent, fascinating to talk to, and usually inventive as well.

The Aquarius astrology sign is compatible with the fellow air signs of Gemini and Libra and the fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius. The Leo astrology sign is often very intriguing to them.

Quite frankly, the Leo and Aquarius compatibility potential is off the charts. Leo brings fire and excitement into their lives and great admires their intense individuality and commitment to being true to themselves.

Aquarius Relationship Needs:

  • a true friend
  • freedom to live their life as they see fit
  • passion and a lust for life

The Top Aquarius Love Match Turn-ons:

  • passion
  • inventive love-making
  • unpredictability (the ability to keep them guessing)

The Top Aquarius Love Match Turn-offs:

  • controlling people
  • arrogant people
  • a partner that tries to change them

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