The Aquarius Profile

January 21 - February 18

astrology sign Aquarius

The Aquarius profile is indicative of an individual that is very independent, has great originality, and has the gift for thinking out of the box. Thus, Aquarius sun sign people are the innovators of the zodiac.

Sun in Aquarius individuals are usually very original thinkers and have their own unique perspectives on life. They tend to question everything including the beliefs that they learned as children. This, in turn, leads them to some very unique insights and ideas.

Aquarius Career

The star sign of Aquarius really thrives in an environment where their unique ability to think out of the box. Thus, they really thrive in marketing, creative writing, editorialists, artists, and inventors.

They also tend to do very well in all fields involving computers or high technology in some way.

Due to their rebellious natures, the Aquarius water bearer often ends up resenting authority figures over them. Hence, they often do very well carving out their own niche as an entrepreneur.

Aquarius Relationships

The Aquarius love traits of honesty, spontaneity, and humor make the Aquarius sun sign one of the most exciting partners in the zodiac. They really enjoy getting out and doing new things. In addition, they also tend to be very social.

The sun in Aquarius person also values real intelligence as well. Nothing is more meaningful than hours spent in fascinating conversation.

Overall, both Aquarius men and Aquarius women really value true friendship more than anything else. Before love or sex, a real bond that only exists within a close friendship is the way to their heart. Once they find that, they are incredibly loyal.

Their lover must, however, must respect the fact that they will fiercely defend their individuality and their freedom to live life as they see fit. Any effort to change or control them will have them showing you the door.


Their vast love of freedom to do as they please is one of the most basic Aquarius characteristics. This is their ultimate creed and their guiding motive in life.

The Aquarius sun sign will courageously blaze new trails in life and follow their own unique beliefs and ideas regardless of any pressure they may feel to conform. Because of this, they quite often are inspirational sources of faith and courage in others.

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The sun in Aquarius individual tends to deeply mistrust authority figures. This usually begins with their parents and then moves on to teachers and employers.

In all the stages of their life, this can get them into hot water because they tend to openly and sometimes aggressively challenge authority figures.

They have a deep belief that respect must be earned and not simply given because of an impressive title.

This, of course, isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes they can definitely misjudge people and later regret their words and/or actions.

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