The Aries Profile

March 21 - April 19

Aries Profile The Aries Profile is indicative of an individual with an intense need to go forth and conquer all challenges that stand in their way. Therefore, these people have a lot of inherent strength, courage, and confidence in their abilities.

The astrological profile of Aries is first and foremost a symbol of the warrior. Therefore, these people aren’t afraid of controversy and/or rocking the boat. They’re also not afraid of a good fight in any shape, form, or fashion.

The Aries Profile at Work

Aries people throw a tremendous about of energy into their work especially if they find their work to be inspiring in some way. Typically, they enjoy careers where they aren’t chained to a desk. Therefore, they need to be able to move around a lot during the day. They are also well suited for leadership roles due to their natural ‘take-charge’ attitude. Lastly, they also thrive in positions where they are breaking new ground in some unique way. Thus, they are the trailblazers of the zodiac.


Aries people are very passionate people and they tend to plunge head first into relationships. They are very enthusiastic and optimistic about life. Therefore, they need a partner that can basically keep up with them because they lead very active and energetic lives. They also typically have a high sex-drive so their partner will need to be able to keep up there as well!


Aries people are naturally bold and courageous. They are usually very decisive and go directly after their dreams and desires despite any hardships that they might have to face. Due to their tireless energy and enthusiasm, they typically have a very inspiring influence on the people around them. Thus, they naturally have the respect of others. This is another reason that they thrive in leadership roles.


The main challenge that Aries people face is the relentless impatience that they feel within themselves. They can have fierce tempers and can easily explode into a temper tantrum when they’re feeling frustrated. They typically want what they want, when they want it! Due to this, physical exercise and meditation are both excellent ways for them to work off their frustrations and regain balance within themselves.

They also tend to have very strong personalities and are usually very direct and sometimes blunt. This can cause them to rub other people the wrong way without actually meaning to. Therefore, they have a great need to develop their diplomacy skills.

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