Astrology Cusps

Astrology cusps indicate that the personality forms a unique combination of each astrology cusp sign.

First of all, a cusp is the hypothetical line between two adjacent signs of astrology. You can think of it like the border that separates two countries.

Cusp astrology occurs when someone’s birthday falls between the astrological dates of the dates listed below. This usually equates to the Sun being near the very end of one zodiac sign and close to very beginning of the next zodiac sign. This astrologer thinks of these individuals as a blending of both zodiac signs.

leo virgo cusp For example, if you were born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo, you would have the inner strength and creativity of Leo combined with the precise analytical ability of Virgo.

As a brief note, sometimes people identify more with the zodiac sign descriptions of one cusp sign over the other one. This means one of 2 things: 1) the person has several of the zodiac planets in that particular zodiac sign and thus more readily identifies with it or 2) that person is not yet fully aware of that astrology sign energetically speaking and/or hasn’t fully integrated those characteristics into their personality. Doing so would be of a positive benefit for them.

Please keep in mind that there really aren’t any exact astrological dates for each cusp. The dates listed below are simply rough estimates. You can read about the astrology for cusp signs by clicking on both astrological signs for each cusp.

Aries /Taurus – April 19 – April 23

Taurus /Gemini – May 19 – May 23

Gemini /Cancer – June 19 – June 23

Cancer /Leo – July 19 – July 23

Leo /Virgo – Aug 19 – Aug 23

Virgo/Libra – Sep 19 – Sep 23

Libra /Scorpio –Oct 19 – Oct 23

Scorpio /Sagittarius –Nov 19 – Nov 23

Sagittarius /Capricorn –Dec 19 – Dec 23

Capricorn /Aquarius – Jan 19 – Jan 23

Aquarius /Pisces – Feb 19 – Feb 23

Pisces/Aries – Mar 19 – Mar 23

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