Cancer Personality Traits

June 22 – July 22

Astrology Cancer Sign The Cancer personality traits of kindheartedness, dependability, and sympathy easily make astrology cancer sign people the nurturers of the zodiac. They have a natural tendency to take care of the people around them.

Due to this, they often gain the reputation of the “mother hen” or “papa bear” from the people closest to them. They usually feel very much in alignment in the role of the parent regardless of whether or not they actually are.

Indeed, their role as actual parents is where these people typically shine. They have the natural patience and concern for their little ones that makes them outstanding parents.

Cancer Personality Traits at Work

Astrology Cancer sign people appear to most people to be quite gentle and easy going individuals. Hence, when people see them at work, they can genuinely be surprised to see how assertive and aggressive they can be.

The astrological sign of Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs of the zodiac. This indicates that they have a lot of inherent leadership skills. At work they place a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and see to it that their to-do list gets done. They usually receive recognition in their careers fairly quickly.

Cancer people are naturally very empathic and they use this skill constantly in their career. Regardless of whether they’re interacting with co-workers, employees, or clients, Cancer’s leave a powerful and lasting impression that they truly care and listen to others. It’s not an act either, they really do and this helps them to earn the respect of others by the barrel full.


Astrology Cancer sign people really need to be in a relationship where they feel truly loved and cared for. Therefore, they take love and sexuality very seriously.

Due to their sensitive natures, they tend to move slowly in love and are quite cautious. They have a very difficult time getting over emotional hurts and upsets and it can take years before they really get over a broken heart.

When they’re with the perfect partner, Cancer people are very loyal and devoted. They give unconditionally of themselves and go to great lengths to show their partner how much they are loved. The only thing they ask is to receive the same.


Cancer people have an incredible intuition and usually rely deeply upon this natural instinct to guide them through their lives. The majority of the time their intuition is very accurate.

Cancer’s are also excellent at listening to others and really hearing what’s not being said as well. In addition, their warm and care demeanor makes them excellent counselors either privately or professionally.


Astrology Cancer sign people are often very sensitive and can read into people’s comments more than they should. This often results in them feeling offended by something that was said that wasn’t really meant to hurt them.

Therefore, working on their self-confidence and realizing that gaining their own approval is really all that they need is be very useful for them. This will help them to be more oblivious to comment’s that may or may not have had any harmful intentions.

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