The Characteristics of Sagittarius

November 23 - December 22

Characteristics of Sagittarius

The Characteristics of Sagittarius include the traits of optimism, adventurousness, and honesty. Hence, the Sagittarius profile presents a glimpse of the people known as the explorers of the zodiac.

Anytime you read a profile about Sagittarius, you will always read about their love for new experiences, their great fondness of travel, and their exuberant enthusiasm.

While all of that is very true, one detail that is sometimes overlooked is how the Sagittarius sign is always looking for the truth of the matter in life. Regardless of whether it’s the details of their life or the greater cosmic riddles such as why are we here, these people are on a mission to really know and understand as much as humanly possible.

Therefore, traveling around the globe and experiencing life the way other cultures do helps the male Sagittarius as well as the female Sagittarius obtain a greater understanding of the mysteries of life.


A discussion of the characteristics of Sagittarius is never complete without first taking a look at the amazing way they are able to see the bright side of things regardless of how difficult things may initially appear. Thus, you could also say that they are the “Peter Pans” of the zodiac as well.

Therefore, their unique ability to see the glass as half full is one of the personality traits of Sagittarius that usually garners them a lot of popularity in life. Their career is no exception to this rule. They tend to very well in careers that give them a lot of freedom and mobility in their daily responsibilities.

They tend to thrive in the legal field, journalism, and higher education.

Sagittarius in Love

The Sagittarius in love is a somewhat rare bird. This is mainly because they tend to fall in love just as quickly as they fall out of love. Therefore, love can be a tricky subject with these individuals.

They tend to value their freedom above all things and they fear being tied down in any long-term sort of way.

Hence, marriage is not typically a subject that is near and dear to their hearts. As mentioned earlier, they are the explorers of the zodiac and this is very true in their love life as well.

In their youth, the Sagittarius male (and the Sagittarius female to some extent) likes to play the field and ‘experience’ love and sexuality in a carefree sort of way.

True love for them will have to mean that they have found a partner that accepts them just as they are and doesn’t try to change them. In addition, they will need to have the same adventurous urges.

Therefore, a true friend could eventually transform into true love. Once again, however, official titles (husband/wife) are not a priority for them and probably a little scary to them.

If that’s important to you, then you should perhaps move on if that’s what you really want from them.


The greatest strength for the Sagittarius sign is their abundant optimism and how very honest they are.

Amongst the many positive characteristics of Sagittarius, their cheerfulness and great optimism in life enables them to rarely question their abilities or their odds of winning. They just naturally assume that they will be able to accomplish their goals.

When they have setbacks, they’re able to take it in stride and keep moving along with a smile on their face. Hence, their confidence and natural joyfulness are inspiring to others as well.

They are also very honest people and people almost always know where they stand on the big issues of life. Because of this, they usually have the respect and admiration of others.


The greatest challenge for the Sagittarius sign is their fear of losing their freedom. This can cause them to back away from love relationships that could be very rewarding for them.

In addition, a long-term commitment where it is mandatory that they stay in one location could make them shy away from promising career situations. These people need to see the world.

Their honesty can be too much for other at times. They can be fairly blunt and be known for having foot-in-mouth disease. This can (and probably has) get them into a lot of hot water at times.

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