Sagittarius Love Match

The ideal Sagittarius love match is an individual that shares their fondness for frequent travel, a strong curiosity about other cultures, and a passionate enthusiasm for life.

The Sagittarius sign is well known for its vast love of freedom and it’s fascination with the grass always being greener on the other side. Therefore, the Sagittarius love life is no exception to this rule. Especially in their youth, the Sagittarius lover is quite often known as the “player” of the zodiac.

They quite often fear long-term commitments because they make the Sagittarius lover feel claustrophobic. They can have a deep fear of missing out on something even better in life when they commit to a relationship even if they deeply care for the person.

However, the female Sagittarius and the male Sagittarius will both eventually yearn to settle down. When they do, the Sagittarius perfect match is often an individual that is okay with cohabitating together to help ease the claustrophobic feelings that their Sagittarius lover is prone to.

In the Sagittarius relationship, they are often very fun people to be around. They’re always up for an adventure or a spur of the moment road trip.

In addition, they can be quite wise people due to their great openness to try new things, listen to other perspectives, and learn as much as they can. Overall, however they are very free spirits. Hence, all Sagittarius matches must realizes that the Sagittarius sign is the “gypsy” spirit of the zodiac.

Sagittarius Relationship Needs:

  • freedom to come and goes as they please
  • a partner with an adventurous spirit
  • an enthusiastic and optimistic partner

Sagittarius Love Life Turn-ons:

  • spontaneity
  • PDAs (public displays of affection)
  • athletic slim builds
  • sex in exotic places

Sagittarius Love Life Turn-offs:

  • overly emotional and sensitive partner
  • intense, unforgiving partner
  • controlling partner
  • overly organized partner

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