Scorpio in Love

The Scorpio in love is often quite passionate due to Scorpio’s natural intensity. Therefore, the ideal Scorpio love match is an individual that helps the Scorpio individual to relax and enjoy life.

The Scorpio individual tends to take life very seriously and this gives them their intense edge. When they go into anything in life, they go in with all of their heart. Therefore, the Scorpio love life is no exception to the rule.

The Scorpio individual always faces life head on. The Scorpio personality traits of fearlessness and immense courage enable them to face the unknown.

They are quite gifted as counselors and are very powerful healers. Thus, the Scorpio relationship can be characterized as a transforming experience for their partner by helping them to face, understand, and conquer their deepest fears.

Any discussion of the Scorpio love life would never be complete without talk about s-e-x! To Scorpio, sexuality is a very spiritual experience that enables them to not only grow deeper in their love for their partner, but also to the God/Goddess energy within.

Scorpio sexuality is very passionate and primal. Quite often, issues of power, control, and the taboo are of huge interest to them as well.

Scorpio Relationship Needs:

  • firmly committed and loyal partner
  • profound honesty from their partner
  • a much more laid-back partner to help them relax and enjoy life
  • a partner with a high libido

Scorpio Love Life Turn-ons:

  • passionate kisses
  • physically fit body
  • strength of character, strong personality

Scorpio Love life Turn-offs:

  • weakness
  • flashiness
  • dishonesty and/or game players

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