Scorpio Traits

October 23 - November 22

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The Scorpio traits of intensity, courage, and piercing intelligence make the Scorpio astrology sign the great seeker of truth of the zodiac.

One of the chief characteristics of the Scorpio astrology sign is their natural intensity. These people do nothing halfway. Therefore, they throw all of their being into both their love life and their ambitions.


The Scorpio individual really thrives in an atmosphere where there natural detective tendencies can be utilized. Therefore, careers that involve investigative research of some sort can really appeal to them.

They will most likely succeed as well due to their incredible gut instincts, ambition, and drive to discover the truth.

The quest for positions of power is also one of the key Scorpio personality traits. Depending on their level of evolution, the Scorpio astrology sign can use power for great good or for selfish motives. Once again, they tend to not do anything halfway.


In their love life, the Scorpio astrology sign gravitates toward relationships that are intense in nature. They need to feel completely enthralled and captivated by their lover. In a sense, their lover needs to be a challenge to them in some ways.

This allows the Scorpio individual to slowly unpeel each layer of the onion of their lover. Each layer represents a new level of discovery that keeps them fascinated.

The Scorpio astrology sign has the reputation of being the most sexual of the zodiac. They are, indeed, very sexual in their natures. Thus, this area of the relationship must be very strong to keep their attention. A fulfilling sex life equates to merging with their partner. Thus, sexuality is very spiritual in nature for them and is therefore mandatory for their long-term happiness.


There are a lot of positive Scorpio personality traits to mention. First of all, their unwavering faith in themselves makes them very powerful. Thus, their immense inner strength empowers them through the most difficult of circumstances.

This, in turn, inspires and empowers the people in their lives as well.

Another amazing Scorpio trait is their relentless determination to get results in their life. They will fight fiercely to reach their goals in life. These people usually end up as the heavy weights of big business and finance.


As a result of their fierce determination to reach the top, they have the unfortunate tendency to be power hungry. They can, at times, be very tempted to reach the top by unscrupulous and/or ruthless means.

Taking a spiritual approach to life and a compassionate world view of their fellow man will help the Scorpio astrology sign immensely. In this way, their passionate drive for success is everybody’s victory and not just their own.

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