Taurus Personality Traits

April 20 - May 21

Taurus Zodiac Profile

The Taurus personality traits of patience, endurance, and great inner strength are hallmarks of the Taurus zodiac profile. Typically, there is a great need to obtain a sense of security in all areas of their life. This is especially true in financial matters.

In general, Taurus people are very laid back and calm. In fact, they are often the calm in the midst of the storm. They rarely panic and tend to calm others down around them during times of crisis.

Taurus Personality Traits at Work

The Taurus person is very focused upon building a strong financial foundation that they can count on long into their old age. Therefore, they can work very determinedly and patiently to achieve their goals

They typically excel in careers that evolve working with Mother Earth in some way. Therefore, careers such as landscape architecture, horticulture, and forestry could really appeal to them. Simply working outdoors could appeal to them as well.

In addition, they could also be attracted to the financial realm in careers like banking, investing, and accounting.


Taurus people take love very seriously. Therefore, they rarely play games with people’s hearts. They truly want to find true love and once they do, they are steadfastly loyal and devoted to their partner.

The Taurus person in a relationship is very romantic and really enjoys the physical comforts of life. Therefore, a delicious meal along with lots of hugging and hand-holding later on are all very fulfilling for them.


The absolute greatest strength of Taurus people has to be how incredibly patient they are. Complicated tasks simply don’t seem to faze them. They’re able to plow through until the job is done.

In addition, they are also typically very patient with others as well. Even with difficult people, they tend to have rather long fuses.

Taurus people also have great endurance as one of their key traits meaning that once they make up their mind, they will see a project through to the end. This is true regardless of the difficulties they may face. In addition, they also tend to be very cautious, methodical, and thorough.


The greatest challenge for Taurus people is that they can be very stubborn and inflexible. Once they’ve mind up their mind about a matter, that’s usually the end of the discussion. They simply can’t be budged afterwards.

This isn’t always a bad thing, of course, but it does tend to mean that they aren’t always open to other ideas and/or approaches.

The Taurus person also tends to take their time getting things done and can be slow to act. This isn’t to imply that they're lazy because they really aren’t. They just want to get up to speed when they’re good and ready.

Taurus people can take a while to make up their minds about something. Others may even think that they’re mentally slow, but the truth is that they have to really think about an issue very thoroughly because once they make up their mind, they’re going to stick to it.

The Taurus person also tends to hate change of all types and usually feels threatened by it on some level. Visualization techniques of positive outcomes can help them to stop resisting change.

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